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Clean the exhaust gases from your vessels with these marine scrubbers

Removing sulphur from vessels is important to protect the air and water quality. Sulphur pollutes the environment through the formation of sulphur dioxide SO2, which originates from the burning of heavy fuels. Europiren B.V., located in the port of Rotterdam, has introduced a high-quality reagent for marine scrubbers with which you are able to effectively clean the exhaust gases from your vessels. This company is an exclusive distributor of the Russian Mining Chemical Company, a producer of high purity magnesium minerals. Europiren B.V. has its own source of raw materials and innovative technologies. One of these materials is the reagent for marine scrubbers, which they deliver to many businesses throughout the world. They have served their clients in Europe, Asia and South America. Discover their products and services and discuss your preferences with their specialists!

The benefits of the marine scrubbers from this company

Because Europiren B.V. is located in the port of Rotterdam, they can operate from a beneficial and strategic location at an international level. This way, you can count on fast delivery of your reagent for marine scrubbers. Why you should order this reagent for your business? Because it contains a natural magnesium hydroxide called MagTreat-S, which is a safe and efficient alkali for application in exhaust gas cleaners on ships. These marine scrubbers can be safely stored onboard and are safe for the crew and the environment. MagTreat-S is the most cost-effective alkali compared to others and an ecological, non-corrosive product with a low carbon footprint. You need 25-30% less volume of this natural magnesium hydroxide in comparison with hazardous caustic soda, the main alkali used in marine scrubbers.

Meet all the legislations for marine vessels

Of course, you want to meet all the strict legislations in so-called Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs) for marine vessels, that have been set since 1 January 2015. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy environmentally-friendly marine scrubbers from Europiren B.V. for your business in the marine industry, wherever in the world your business is located. Visit the website of Europiren B.V. and enquire after the possibilities.